How to Shop at Hope Outreach

I remember the day that I could buy a shirt in the 70s in a thrift store for 10 cents. Well, hello, gas was $.28 a gallon then, too. While the prices are certainly not high on the clothing at Hope Outreach, sometimes the prices can be a little unreasonably high on household and furniture items. Okay, so what do you expect? They have employees who are not the average employee like at the civilians at VAFB nor are they trained at Dillard’s retail university. They’re just folks like yourself trying to overcome an obstacle in their lives by working at Hope Outreach. We do not have professional retail market specialists who have researched Macy’s philosophy of price structure.

That’s why there is a pricing structure at Hope Outreach that will overcome any discrepancies in the pricing. It is a 5-week shelf life schedule for every 1,000 plus products that are placed in the store everyday. There are 5 colors. White, yellow, green, red & blue. How it works is that each week color tags run through a cycle of discounting of 25%, 50% and 75%, until they rotate to the Clearance Corner where items will be marked down to as low as 23 cents! Now that’s cheap by today’s fuel prices anywhere! This cycle routine changes every Wednesday morning. That’s the day to shop for Bargains with a capital “B”.

The more important thing about shopping at Hope Outreach Thrift Store is that all of your purchases go toward managing the Hope Outreach ministries, store operation and the employment of 35+ local folks who are working for your community & God.


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