Father’s Day in Enid

You don’t have to be a father or know your father to celebrate the day. Everyone has a father, just as everyone has a mother. It’s biological…underscore “logical”. That’s natural. What is heart breaking is to not have a daddy to show you how to navigate through the unknown. This day was created to celebrate that relationship not because you are an offspring, but because you had a male role model to nurture you with strength. While your mother embraced you with close tender emotions, dad was supposed to wisen you about the wiles of life. A boy requires a man to show them how to properly use the tools he has been given. A girl requires her dad to show her how a man should treat her.

Sad to say, in many young lives our fathers were not much better that the wild apes rumored to be our ancestors. An animal instinctually responds to their natural urges, hunger, weariness, and the need to procreate. Note, I didnt’ say sex. Sex is what humans do for recreation and out of love for each other. Animals procreate and have no other need for mating processes. Males generally are not involved with the rearing process either. Hmm. Sound like your father? If so, perhaps you need to investigate further to find about your true daddy who loves you, “Our father who art in heaven…” Don’t take my word on it. Go to the Bible and find out the truth for yourself. You’ll find that He will never leave nor forsake you. Once you discover these truths, you’ll know the answer to the question, “Who’s your daddy?”

Happy Daddy’s Day!

Lee Langshaw
The Red Dirt Chronicle


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