Positive Solution Overcomes the Falls

Spectacular to sereneI was very  privileged to be a part of wonderful group of people in an organization called  Enid Beautiful Inc back in 2003. Then, a very assertive and positive group of people who loved Enid and Government Springs Park were strategizing about the demise of the spring’s old water fall. Erosion, 40 years of neglect, poor engineering and maintenance had rendered the waterfall useless, ugly and a great liability. Several concepts were drawn up with plans to include the whole south ridge or just replace the immediate site with a more suitable waterfall. The project would cost from $125,000 to $75,000. With the passion of evangelists, several folks rallied the fervor from a few other organizations and key individual supporters in Enid.

Musical sounds of the waterfall sooths visitors to the park.With the support of a Enid Symphony concert and a big financial contribution from the Rotary Club, the $75,000 waterfall was put into place by August of 2004. With the enthusiasm of kids with  new toys, many gardeners and landscapers clambered upon the newly place boulders along the ridge to plant new growth and mold the final touches to the beautiful waterfalls of today. Thank you, Enid for proving the positive side of our community’s efforts can overcome obstacles and make this the best place to live in NW Oklahoma!



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