What’s in Your Heart?

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching in a few days, which is one day I wished that capitalism would have left alone. But it pursues the matters of the hearts all the way to the bank, with my obligatory proceeds.

My wife benefits and so do I, indirectly, from such an outpouring of displayed adoration, even if it is just a card and a rose. Whatever I choose, Hallmark always gets my buck to accompany whatever else I can conjure up to offer to the one I love.

Love. Now there is a misused word. It took a spiritual resurrection on my part to truly understand what it really is. Chapter 13 of I Corinthians is what I refer to as the LOVE CHAPTER. It tells you all about real love and what your expectancy should be. It isn’t a thief, a liar, a user, impatient, self-serving, angry or malicious. Love is all about the other person, “YOU”. So, I do pretty good being that I’m all those things that Love isn’t.

Thanks to the Grace of God I get love and have love to give. Then He did something for me 14 years ago that was so amazing. He gave me the most wonderful woman in the world as my best friend, my lover, my confidante, my spiritual prayer partner and life-long companion, Wendy. She is the gift of God’s love to me. Because that is true, I must honor her as the same gift of myself to her was God’s doing. I’m very humbled by her mere adoration for me. Albeit, I really think she got the short end of the deal.

So, this Valentine’s Day, with a card for $6, chocolates for $5, and a love that is priceless I can tell you that I know LOVE is in my heart. And, thank God, I get it.

Do you know what’s in your heart? Gotta have it to give it so that you can get it.


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