Destiny of a Victim

Do you feel that you are a victim? Did you grow up wanting to be one? My next question is, are you doing anything about it?
We still live in a country of free choices and free mobility. As a citizen of the United States you CAN move and you CAN change your pursuits with positive results. Funny thing about freedom, though, is that it will leave you alone wallowing in your self-pity if that is all that you want. It is a powerful thing, however, for those seeking opportunities and prosperity. They are the willing to make self sacrifices for the pursuit of their dreams.
But, freedom will also let you alone to just dream, too. Yes, I’m being redundant. Yesterday’s welfare babies are today’s welfare parents and they too, are simply dreaming of the house on the hill, but too often, they’d rather take the pill of sedentary indulgence.
Proverbs 28:19 says, Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies will have their fill of poverty.
Now, I’m not talking about the single moms who have lost the father of their children or of a family that experienced some form of tragedy. I’m talking about the willful ingrate on welfare because they have no hope of succeeding. They have accepted their fate as victims. Victims are people without hope and wear their misery as a sort of badge of honor. But the world sees them as losers; the trash that has settled to the bottom of society. And they get kicked often.
If you are such a victim, I have good news for you. Let me tell you that people who know Christ no longer fall prey to this world. I’m a Christ-follower. You can call me Christian, or a Bible thumper, but you cannot call me a victim. Christ has paid the price for my life and has assured me I will have it more abundantly if I follow Him. I’m following, and I am therefore, content in all things. I never settle for less. I find purpose in all things that I do and endure, including sickness, suffering and humiliating circumstances. Christ has my back. He’ll do that for you, too. But you need to be willing to follow. You see, He knew you before you were born. You were destined to be a Child of the King, not a victim of this world. The choice is yours and it is forever, your destiny.


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