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What’s in Your Heart?

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching in a few days, which is one day I wished that capitalism would have left alone. But it pursues the matters of the hearts all the way to the bank, with my obligatory proceeds.

My wife benefits and so do I, indirectly, from such an outpouring of displayed adoration, even if it is just a card and a rose. Whatever I choose, Hallmark always gets my buck to accompany whatever else I can conjure up to offer to the one I love.

Love. Now there is a misused word. It took a spiritual resurrection on my part to truly understand what it really is. Chapter 13 of I Corinthians is what I refer to as the LOVE CHAPTER. It tells you all about real love and what your expectancy should be. It isn’t a thief, a liar, a user, impatient, self-serving, angry or malicious. Love is all about the other person, “YOU”. So, I do pretty good being that I’m all those things that Love isn’t.

Thanks to the Grace of God I get love and have love to give. Then He did something for me 14 years ago that was so amazing. He gave me the most wonderful woman in the world as my best friend, my lover, my confidante, my spiritual prayer partner and life-long companion, Wendy. She is the gift of God’s love to me. Because that is true, I must honor her as the same gift of myself to her was God’s doing. I’m very humbled by her mere adoration for me. Albeit, I really think she got the short end of the deal.

So, this Valentine’s Day, with a card for $6, chocolates for $5, and a love that is priceless I can tell you that I know LOVE is in my heart. And, thank God, I get it.

Do you know what’s in your heart? Gotta have it to give it so that you can get it.


A Moral Choice Was Made Today

Apostasy is a fundamental renunciation of a religious or political belief or allegiance. However, today this act is primarily performed by intolerant Islamic sects bent toward jihad maniacal sentiments against Christians. I find that ironically interesting in a time and country where a Christian society has been extremely tolerant of other religious believes. That happened because of previous persecutions of the Christians in England and Europe by the governing aristocracies that motivated our Constitution. America was built upon these principles of tolerance and Christian love and forgiveness.


Today, those with anti-Christian sentiment are blaming the existing political-economic problems on Christians, exclaiming non-tolerance of Judaea-Christian beliefs toward homosexual lifestyles, atheism and Islamic religion. That’s really not a truth. They are simply being intolerant of Christianity and the people who represent Christ. If the Christian principles were replaced by anything else, then this country would have been like any other country dealing with despots, tyrants and dictators who only call themselves presidents. Because of the tolerance of our Christian society and Constitution, gays, Muslim and aetheist are equally considered to have a right to protest AND VOTE! It’s kind of like the spoiled brat who has been given everything they want, but they always want more including everything from the hand that feeds them.


I stood up and voted with a moral choice today. If the Moral Majority, and I believe there is still one, doesn’t stand up with moral fortitude today, the lies will blanket and completely cover what many of our men have died for this past century…THE RED, WHITE AND TRUE.

Positive Solution Overcomes the Falls

Spectacular to sereneI was very  privileged to be a part of wonderful group of people in an organization called  Enid Beautiful Inc back in 2003. Then, a very assertive and positive group of people who loved Enid and Government Springs Park were strategizing about the demise of the spring’s old water fall. Erosion, 40 years of neglect, poor engineering and maintenance had rendered the waterfall useless, ugly and a great liability. Several concepts were drawn up with plans to include the whole south ridge or just replace the immediate site with a more suitable waterfall. The project would cost from $125,000 to $75,000. With the passion of evangelists, several folks rallied the fervor from a few other organizations and key individual supporters in Enid.

Musical sounds of the waterfall sooths visitors to the park.With the support of a Enid Symphony concert and a big financial contribution from the Rotary Club, the $75,000 waterfall was put into place by August of 2004. With the enthusiasm of kids with  new toys, many gardeners and landscapers clambered upon the newly place boulders along the ridge to plant new growth and mold the final touches to the beautiful waterfalls of today. Thank you, Enid for proving the positive side of our community’s efforts can overcome obstacles and make this the best place to live in NW Oklahoma!


Targeting Eastside is Becoming a Culture

The City of Enid and its Zoning Czars have taken most all of the service and retail businesses from the eastside’s neighborhoods. Over 90% of new businesses are pushed to the far west, as well as the new developing infrastructure. Now, instead of offering to improve relations with the constituency, city leaders would rather use oppressive political tactics such as specific ordinances that generally define eastside property owners. There many families that work in shifts at several of the 24-hour industries around town. These families own more than 2-3 cars, but are still only able to make it from pay day to pay day.

Now, the city is adding to their challenge of living in Enid. It’s bad enough that the eastside neighborhoods have barely enough affordable housing. Enid manufacturer employers are desperately needing more housing for their workforce. Hospitals are also desperately trying to attract more medical workforce, too. Now, instead of coming up with a better housing solution, Enid officials can only operate in an attack mode. I wished that Mayor Criner and his cronies could find the positive side of their responsibility and promote positive solutions. I’ve personally talked with the Mayor, and I knew of his dreams for Enid. Somebody must have something on him, because he sure has done a flip-flop from when he was platforming for his candidacy. Enid needs to know who is holding the whip! If the Mayor would arise to the challenge, the city leaders could collaborate with town leadership from Garber to Meno and from Hennessey to Pond Creek and develop economic corridors for industry and advertise area tourism along 412 from I-35. Work on that angle and maybe we could all get a pay increase and stay happy

Street Cars of Desire

Mobs get worked up to a frenzy, but I guess this human nature phenomena also happens with politicians. In their zealous effort to clean up the Enid, the Eastside has become the frenzied target of choice by the Mayor. I’m not sure where their source of motivation has derived to push them so far to the side of being Leftist and Elitist. They’re considering regulating how many cars can be owned at a residence. To add further insult to injury, their target area are homes built in the 1920s and 1930s which driveways were designed only to accomodate Model Ts and Model As. To illustrate, my 1990 GMC pickup hangs over both edges of my Maine Street driveway. My Maine Street home also does not allow parking in the street. That requires a shuffling of cars for my wife and I when we want to leave or arrive. For a while, we considered turning our front yard and city easement into a circular driveway to ease the parking problem. Well, now the city wants to attack our constitutional rights by limiting what we can own. Sure wished our Commissioners, city staff and Mayor would focus more on the positive solutions to our problems and work on getting more for Enid citizens instead of taking away what little we have. I desire to have more and better jobs for our community. I want to increase commerce; increase traffic and transportation opportunities; increase better housing accomodations for new workers moving into town; increase more opportunities for making Enid the greatest  place in Northwest Oklahomaq to raise families. That’s my challenge for City Hall. Change their polarity to positive when facing the desires of the community. Just don’t tell me that I can’t have a Mini Cooper because it’s my 3rd car.

Of Weeds and Wheat

Billowing wave after wave of southeasterly wind the heavy wheat heads of Northwestern Oklahoma bent over and sprung back in reciprocating gestures like a parade queen waving at me on Father’s Day. Clicking away with my digital shutter, I recorded the moments overlooking the wheat fields of my son-in-law’s family from the top of a hill. He had boyishly grabbed my youngest grandson and tucked him safely away in the cab of the combine before roaring off in the mighty machine at a fast snail’s pace along row after row of wheat. The race was against the storm looming high in the northern sky. We were anticipating that we would witness the next unloading of wheat from the combine into the truck as we stood there watching intently under a small thicket of rickety old elms that once graced a farmstead of long ago. The structure’s remnants lay in heap overgrown with weeds behind us. My wife mentioned it probably was a cozy home at one time. As she was saying that my eyes peered over the mysterious mound of gray wood and rusty metal and I replied, “Still is.” However, I was referring to a cozy home for Oklahoma rattlers. With all the available wheat seed, I thought that there should have been plenty of rodent activity and resulting attraction for snakes. Feeling a bit uneasy, I pulled my wife’s hand a littler further away from the weeds and into the close cropped wheat stubble. Feeling the clean breeze on my face reassured me that I did not own or owe the toil of this land. I was a visitor free to leave when I’ve filled me eyes with enough. I could leave the wheat and weeds as a memory just as I have the garden hoe of my youth. I had used it at one time or another to kill both weeds and rattlesnakes. I’m glad there are machines for those things now and my son-in-law is doing it.


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